maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2017

torstai 10. marraskuuta 2016

Europa Erwache Productions: NEW RELEASES

Well why hold it back longer as these beauties arrived from the press today so officially OUT NOW:
PYLVANAINEN: Uuden Ajan Koitto CD
PAGAN SKULL: White Genocide CD

We are extremely proud to present some of the finest RAC-tunes of current Finland with the brand new full-lenghts of Pylvanainen and Pagan Skull + a Mid-Finland themed special 3 way split of the two, joining forces with Diamond Axe. Pylvanainen album features new studio songs, some re-recorded demosongs and the original old demosongs from "Valkoisen miehen taakka" demo. Pagan Skull has taken a huge leap since the debut album the this second full-lenght is easily their best material to date! Proud and loud with a strong message against the ongoing genocide of the white race. Each CD is a limited edition so get them while available and support the cause!
We are offering these CD's with the price of 16 euros including priority shipping within Europe for the first CD and 12 euros added for each more. So to buy them all you would be 40 euros including priority shipping within Europe. And as a special offer add ANY of our back catalogue CD's to the package with only 10 euros more, including shipping! Some distributors will be selling these too once we get them spread but for now the fastest way is to get them from us. Contact via e-mail "europaprod" in gmail.

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