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Blood & Honour Suomi Finland News 2004

Blood & Honour issue 31

Blood & Honour Finland:

This year's biggest event in Finland was the ISD memorial, which was held in Helsinki city central 23.10.2004. The line-up included Finland's own spearhead Mistreat and two fantastic bands from England, White law and Brutal attack. The audience started to gather around about at 8 pm. and the turn out was excellent in Finnish scale. There was more than 250 people, but less than 300. What makes this great is that there wasn't many foreigners in that figure, but the hell of a lot first time Finnish people and it seems that Blood and Honour SF's work is finally starting to pay off. The biggest groups of foreigners came from our southern brother nation Estonia and from our western neighbours Sweden. Mistreat kicked off the show and where once again brilliant. They played almost completely their new albums, Never forgive - Never forget, material, which is due to be released in the beginning of 2005, hopefully not later than February. And of course they spiced up the performance with a good bunch of their evergreen hits from their early albums. After Mistreat came Brutal attack, and what a show! Dozens of people turned up for this band and afterwards I haven't heard a single one of them who was disappointed. They started calmly with the ballad Embers of yesterday, like they had planned to gather everyone in the front of the stage. After this the speakers started to roar the riffs of Tales of glory and the crowd simply lost their mind. That started the fireworks that didn't see its end before they stepped down from the stage. We heard most of their biggest hits through out the years including, Let it burn, RAC, As the drum beats, Put your hands in my hands and the song that finishes nearly all of their shows, Alright now. Only one time during their set the audience settled a little bit down. That was during the song that reminded we all why we where gathered up that night. Always near for Ian Stuart. They played totally about 12 songs and then Ken had to stop, because one week before he got stabbed in the neck at work. There was stitches and it started to bother him that much that the audience was shouting encore for nothing. A big salute goes to this band that despite of the stabbing was able to perform a one of the most memorable shows in the Finnish RAC history. After this performance it was White law's time to take an audience. If it were any other not so experienced group, they would have been horrified after BA's show. They also played a lot of material from their forth-coming album. The difference between these two other bands was, that the singer, Benny, talk to the audience more and got a relation to the audience, when the two first bands talked less and let the guitars do the talking. We heard all the old White law classics, such as Fetch the noose, Take the salute and Pride and dignity etc. The biggest crowd pleaser in the new songs was definitely this jolly tune Kick the reds in. Benny told the audience how the chorus goes and asked them to sing along it, and that was exactly what they did. The atmosphere was phenomenal when the people were reaching the microphone and shouted their throats soar the lyrics. In the middle of the wild party, Benny reminded all the folks why we were all gathered up and quieted the audience down for one minute's silence for Ian Stuart. After the silence the guitars started to roar again, lifting the atmosphere even closer to the roof. When they finally announced that they are going to stop the show, the audience didn't agree at all. They forced them to continue, which they did, by playing few of the most wanted White law hits from the night, including the new Kick the reds in. What a fantastic live band they were. Just when everyone thought that it was time to pull the gear together and go home, it wasn't. Mistreat climbed up for the second time and played few of their older hits, in order to squeeze the last juices from everyone who still could stand. What a fantastic bands, what a fantastic night this was, with lots of new faces involved!!

7.11.2004. B&H SF's security member Niemi took part in a worldwide bench press competition. It was only his second competition and he was gettin some more experience from the event. With three attempts the best was his last round's result when he lifted up 250kg, but under the tight powerlifting regulations, the lift was too unbalanced and it was disqualified. So the official result approved, was his earlier round's result 235 kg. Anyway, well done Niemi and better and stronger next time.
18.12.2004 The Kouvola B&H clubhouse organized a pre-Christmas party. It was supposed to be a small party, but finally 150 people turned up and it was a hell of a good party. At the clubhouse were two bands, Mistreat and our new B&H band from central Finland Jyväskylä, White Minority, playing. White Minority played their first gig with the complete line-up and where overwhelmed with the very good response they got. Mistreat played a long set including mainly their Finnish language songs and some older hits that never fail. For the people that got hungry in the middle of the party, we had a 50kg-roasted pig on the table that everyone was free to take. Once again there was many people who haven't been at our events before, and B&H SF's e-mail have had many thanking e-mails for organizing such a great event and all have been unanimous about the fact that they were welcomed warmly and in such a friendly way into the movement. All have said that they will be at our next event for sure.
Petsku B&H SF

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