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Finland arise!

Blood & Honour issue 26, year 200? (maybe 2003?)

Finland Arise

The Finnish skinhead scene arose in the early 80's. In that time it was a quite small group of guys including about 20-30 skins in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. There were also similar sized groups in a few smaller Finnish cities and towns like Turku and Tampere. It wasn't until the late 80's and early 90's when the scene really started
to grow. More and more young skins were popping up in the big cities as well as in the smaller towns.
The first skinhead gig took place in 92' in the suburb of Espoo, right next to Helsinki. A Swedish skinhead band Agent bulldog was up on the stage. The band members were friends with some older skins from Helsinki, who organized the gig. It wasn't a magnificent place for the bands to play nor for the audience to watch, but it was an
important event. It was THE FIRST gig and it was successful. A crowd of 130 skinheads at one place at the same time was unparalleled in those days and it really made the organizers believe that anything could be possible.
After that event it was obvious that the gigs were needed to bring together the skins from all over Finland, the demand was certainly strong. After that we started to organize gigs every now and then with the few Finnish bands, MISTREAT being the flagship already, even back then.
After that, sometime in the mid 90's, another important milestone was achieved. We decided to establish a record label for two main reasons. The most important was that we wanted to put out the Mistreat CD, knowing how brilliant they were and they didn't have a CD out yet and also to start selling music to the skinheads, so that
the skins didn't have to order their music from abroad or listen to the "copies of the copies". That's when we founded ASM.
After founding ASM, the wheels started to roll big time. It was the only label in Finland selling music and the number of skinheads was growing all the time. That was the time to start organizing gigs with the big names of our scene. We organized gigs in fancy nightclubs as well as in the local pubs. Like today, we never knew how good place we got for the next gig. We also had some good regular places where
we were liked as customers but at the moment we don't have any (but don't worry, it's easy for us to find good gig venues even in the centre of Helsinki).
We also put out the first two Mistreat CDs, Pig Killer and End up dead CDs.
I'm not sure if I can remember all the bands that have played here, but at least Midgard Söner, Stonehammer, Aryan, Celtic Warrior, Gesta bellica, Freikorps, Svastika, Totenkopf, Brutal Attack, Bound for Glory, Kraftschlag, Bulldog Breed, English rose, Eye of Odin, Ultima Thule, Fortress, Pluton Svea and Germania have
had a gig in Finland (and some of these bands many times).
We've been asked why we haven't joined B&H, 'cause a lot of bands that have played here have been very satisfied with our ability to arrange gigs where the bands and the audience are very pleased. The main reason was that we used to have our own very strong organisation with one other Finnish town and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We had our own rules as well as fancy clubhouses and we were so proud about our own organisation, created by ourselves, that we felt that we didn't need anything more. Now that the times have changed and those days are over; we are very honoured to be accepted into the brotherhood of worldwide B&H divisions. We are the newcomers in this organisation, but in a way we are a very old group with a lot of potential and knowledge on how to give the best to the movement. To all our true B&H comrades throughout the world, WE SALUTE YOU!!


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