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Haastattelussa Marder

Yhtyeen haastattelu kopioitu Glory Days Of R.A.C -blogista.

What means the band's name, from which city you come and how is the scene there?
The band's name comes from a tank destroying panzer from Germany during the Second World War. We decided the name during a world championchip hockeygame at a pub in our hometown. We discussed about many different type of names and came to decide that it should be a tank from the second world war that consist's ultimate power over it's kind. We come from a very traditional culture town of Järvenpää in southern Finland. How's the scene in here, well... We are the scene in here. Before us there were no RAC bands and a very small scattered group of skinheads.
You had play in any other band before?
Our drummer Paavo has played in numerous punk-bands most worth mentioning would be a band called Irish Cock, Aivohalvaus (Brainstroke) and Jytäjytä (Boogie Boogie). Earlier he played in a band called Rampa Jänis (Crippled Rabbit). Guitarist Petri plays in a hard rock band called Geezers Go! (available in internet for FREE) and earlier in a black metal band called Furnace. This is Aleksis first band but he has taken up the challenge really well.
What about your songs? You sing in native languange only? What about your lyrics?
Every now and then we compose songs together but usually Petri makes the riffs.  After that we all put our effort to glue them together so there is really not just one songwriter. Allso lyrics are made together. About the language...Well Finnish is a very tough language to use in lyrics so right now we sing in English only. 
In the future there will be songs in Finnish language also.
Your relationship with other rac bands of Finland such Mistreat and Sniper and your cooperation with any organization or skinhead firm?
The Civic duty guitarist Mika plays with us as a session bassist until we find a regular bass player. We've been in touch with the Blood and Honour Finland considering our gigs and we have allready played a festival gig for them in nordic summer fest.  There is more to come in the future. Sniper guys live very far away from us so we don't have many common friends. The whole group has listened to Mistreat for several years and we really hope to play with them in the same arenas. Some of them hang out with the same skinhead firms and there was a suggestion that we would make a split cd with some Finnish most active RAC bands, including Mistreat, who knows. 
Your music influences and you social/political influences?
We listen to a whole lotta different music but to mention few of our most influential bands: Skrewdriver (obviously), BFG (for our singer), Fortress, a bunch of British Oi! bands like 4 Skins and Last Resort, Demented Are Go, The Meteors, Rose Tattoo and  Peer Günt (a Finnish hard rock band) and Endless Pride. There's the most important ones. Our band has very stong NS influence that is growing when we get wiser. Nevertheless eyes are open considering politics. One can never stop to improve himself intellectually.
Whats going on in general with skinhead scene present days in your country?
Well new clubs have opened their doors but otherwise we are not very welcome in here. Mostly because of the liberal left's influence to the crowds. Positive signs are to be seen nevertheless. New bands are emerging and a slow attitude change is happening toward the ns-scene. Afterall, the truth can't be hidden.
Your personal oppinion about Russia in general and Russian comrades?
Well Petri still carries a lot of hatred toward the system in Russia and especially the soviet Russia. Petri can't and will not let go of the mutual history between our countries. Petri doesn't hate the Russian people but the nation and the way the think of Finland as a "little brother" that needs to be taught a lesson. The other 2/3 of the band have the opinion that former day Russians have no part of the things that Communists did. This topic is a never ending argument inside the band.
What you know about our country Hellas and our scene?
Rotting Christ, Varathron, Der Stürmer are the most familiar bands for us.  Ofcourse the ancient history of Hellas is taught to us during school allready. We admire the helleens for their history and bravery over the tough and consuming times. Nowadays there is very few countries in europe of wich to admire.
Your favorite ''logo-words'' about life?
Aleksi "Defeat never, victory forever." -Robert J. Matthews, Petri an old Finnish saying  "a man can take pain, but not shame". Paavo, had a blackout right now.
Thank you very much mate! Last words are yours.
Usually the last words consist of something about the future (other than a fockeen hangover). So, We guarantee, if this is the first time you hear from us, it won't be  the last. Invite us to play in Hellas and we will be there. RAC on brothers!

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