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South-East Street Sweepers INTERVIEW in english

 Skinhead Magazine #47 2013

Featuring: Schlachthaus (Austria), Wilcze Stado (Poland), Street Sweepers (Finland) and Fuerza de Choque (Uruguay). Long report about last Kuggnas festival and other concerts in Spain and abroad. Tons of news and reviews. 56 pages, b/w, A5 Written in Spanish language.

1.When and why dis you decide to form the band?

We started the Street Sweepers in 2009 when Toni and I played as duo at first, Toni on bass and Jose on vocals and guitar. We played a couple of gigs in white xmas pt. 1&2&3 which were kinda private partys and in a couple skinhead clubhouses around Finland. In 2012 we got invited to Nordic Summer festival and thought that we want to play real rock and no more acoustic shit, and so we found Jarkko to play drums in spring 2012. That was the real birth of Street Sweepers. After that gig we were invited to play in Helsinki Skins clubhouse funeral. We played there with other finnish rac band Marder. After that gig our drummer Jarkko started studying and didn't have time to band anymore so we invited Teukka to play with us.

2.Your band name likes me, haha! Are there much to sweep in your city? I thought Finnish were very clean people!

We Finns are really clean people, but nowadays all the scum that comes to our country only to mess around. And we as natives have to do something about it...streets are full of shit so we have to keep them clean!

3.I know yours is a three members band, what can you tell us about you and all you like to do?

Well we all love music, our country and we all think we need to do something for our country and europe, things cannot go on like this and we three are fighting in frontline to make a change! We all are working in security business (bouncer,security officer etc.) and we all have seen with our own eyes the shit that immigrants and junkie criminals do to our country and society.

4. I think you haven't any record but your band sound as Mistreat, is Mistreat your highest influence and inspiration to create music?

Touche :) Jose has played in mistreat couple years ago and he played in mistreat's newest album "Never forgive, never forget" . We all have listened mistreat since we were kids and it has been the greatest influence for our own songs. We haven't recorded our own album yet but I think next year we have time for that. Of course bands like skrewdriver, english rose, youngland, final war ect. are a great influence for us too!.

5.Talk us about your lyrics, what do you want to express with them?

We want to make a change, make people realize that things cannot go on like this.

"we rule the streets and sweep out the scums
we do our job with fists and guns
theres no place or way to hide
we clean this land with honour and pride



theres sample from our new song "take it back"

6.Have you planned to record your songs soon? Is a demo or debut CD projected soon?

We don't have a schedule for making the album, but we think that in next year we'll have time for that.

7.There is a new skinhead musical wave in Finland with bands as The Wrongdoers, Marder, Civic Duty or Tammerfist, what do you know about these bands in your scene? How do you value your scene currently? Is any new band active which I must know?

Yes there are lots of new bands in Finland and very talented too. We have seen wrongdoers, marder and civic duty playing live and they all are fucking awesome! Wrongdoers have played gigs all around europe and they have succeeded very well. There is one more new band in Finland too, Pagan Skull, you have to check them out, B&H radio plays their songs, I think!

8. I know you'll play a live show next December, how many concerts have you played for moment? Any abroad?

Yes we're going to have a gig here in December (white xmas pt.4 & independence day gig) and that's going to be the 8th time we play. All of our gigs have been in Finland so far, but you don't know what the future holds for Sweepers ;)

9.What's about your local scene?

Skinhead Culture in Finland is growing and in our little town Kotka its the same thing, i think people and especially youth is realising the problem we got and want to make change. And it seems that slowly but surely people are starting to find a healthy dose of national pride from themselves, especially common working class citizens.

10.You're from Kotka, a nice city with an important habour. What's your favourite places there? I've read there are about one thousand sunken ships front Kotka shores... do you know anything about it?

Kotka is small town with approximately 55k people and it's really international place because of the harbour. And the cargo traffic, caused most because of our near location for the russian border (80km). I don't know where have you red about the sunken ships. But no, there are not so many shipwrecks in our shores. In 1790 sweden and russia had a great shipbattle at the coast of Kotka but it was only about couple hundred ships that sunked. Of course every summer when drunken people go to sea with their boats there are couple accidents... :D

11.How do you spend your spare times or weekends during hard winters? D you practice any winter sport?

Yeah we have hard and cold winters here, but finns are tough and strong people, true vikings!
Cold is not the problem around here, we like it. But when it gets +15c we have to constantly cool ourselves with ice cold beer ;) Winters are the best time to be in the gym, play icehockey or cross country sking. We live our lives with snow&ice and sure we love it!

12.What's your position politically talking? D you support any organization, etc...?

We are not really a political band. Even tough we do have a message in our music, but none of us aren't members of any political partys. Politics isnt always the best way to make things better ;)

13.What's your personal opinion about viking rock which is playing often by bands from North of Europe? Do you like any special band?

We are vikings and we love viking rock! Check out the finnish viking rock bands TURISAS, FINNTROLL and KORPIKLAANI!

14.Finnnish and Estonian scenes are in very good connection, can you talk us about this good feeling? Have you contact with Estonian scene or abroad?

We got very good connections to Estonia and they are our Brothernation! They got a great scene there and its always awesome to get wasted with estonian guys, plus they are FUCKING CRAZY! ;) And of course they have very good bands like PWA, Revalers etc.

15.Can you explain us what happened on April 13rd in a concert in Helsinki with a bikers?

no comments

16.Ok, that's all brothers! Good luck with band and projects. Last words are yours!!

Cheers Poli, it has been a pleasure! KEEP THE STREETS CLEAN (or streets sweepers will come and drink all your beers!) ;)




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