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CIVIC DUTY interview (eng)


- hello guys. So for the beginning can you introduce your band and the band members to our readers and how is the current line up- Eppu: Hello mates! Of course. Civic Duty is: “Mr. NoMoreJägermeister “, vocals, Eppu, bass, Mika, guitar and Paavo, drums. Like every band, we have had changes in our line up in the past (theres something wrong with people playing drums!!) so this is not the original line up. Eppu and Mika are the only original members of Civic Duty.

- your band is quite new on the scene. So when was the band formed, and whose idea it was to get the band together? Eppu: We originally formed the band in 2007 with Mika, Eppu and one other guy who has since turned his jacket around, but because of our young age (seventeen to eighteen years old), lazyness and national services in the army, our first rehearsal session was in 2009. So for two first years we just boasted to everyone that we have a band, but we didnt have any songs or anything. Well anyway, in the end of 2009 we finally raised our lazy asses of the couch and went to our first rehearsals and finded that its actually funny to play in a band. Our first gig was in Helsinki in 2010 with Mistreat from Finland and Revalers from Estonia.

- did any of you had experience with music before starting the band? Eppu: Mika have played in few bands when he was somewhere around sixteen years old, but nothing ever came out of those projects because he and hes other band mates couldnt afford to pay rehearsal room rents. Paavo has played in various punk bands, like Minority report, Irish Cock and Rampajänis (Crippled rabbit). For the rest of us, this is our first, and at the moment only, band.

- almost All your lyrics are sung in English. Why did you decided to go this way? And what are your lyrics about? Eppu: Its really hard to write lyrics in Finnish and also sound intelligent at the same time. I think that is the main reason. We do have two or three songs in Finnish, and hopefully in the future there will be more, but at the moment this is the way it is. In Finland allmost everyone understands English really good, so in a way its pretty much the same if we sing in Finnish or in English. Our lyrics are about life how we see it, like that people should be more active in the fight for our Europe, not to afraid anyone or anything , violence against our enemies, media lies, to give your whole meaning of existing for the fight of our people. We try to teach to people how to live their lives and to be more political. Of course we have our own drinking and hooligan-songs but most of our lyrics are pure politics.

- have you recorder any CD or demo so far? Eppu: We have recorded so far only a demo wich can be found on youtube. Go to youtube and write “civic duty rac” in there and you should find the songs. We do have a plan to press it in to a physical form, but like i said before, we are lazy plus we dont have any money, so lets just see what happens. Recently we had a discussion with one pretty big record label that they would like to release our album, and at the moment it seems that we are going in studio in next winter to record a full CD. Lets just hope everything goes as planned.

- being on the scene only few years , did you have many gigs so far? Do you remember which the best one was and which was the worst? Eppu: We have played somewhere around fifteen gigs, most of them in Finland. Maybe the best and at the same time the worst of our gigs has been our first gig we ever played. We didnt have any experience playing on live and all of us were about to shit in our pants in front of 200 people, but it really was a night to remember. Also our first time in a foreign country was something to remember, wich was our gig in Slovakia. Organising of the gig was top, the venue was top and I think we actually played our best gig we have played so far. If we really want to find our most worst gig, i cant tell you that. On some gigs we have maybe been little bit too drunk and at the same time the music instruments have been just pure shit, (by that i mean that we have played with our own instruments, wich are the cheapest pieces of shit you can find) so the gigs has not gone the way we planned. Like every band, we are pretty critical when we look at our own gigs, so maybe the audience dont see if we are too drunk or play our songs wrong, haha.

- is any band member of Civic Duty involved in other project, or bands? Eppu: Mika and Paavo plays also in NS band called Marder. There is of course every weekend new band projects, but nothing has ever come out of these projects. There also some discussion about new bands, but lets just see what happens, haha.

- recently you played gig in Slovakia. How did you feel in our country? Eppu: Slovakia is a beautiful country and people who we met are very friendly and their hospitality was overwhelming, many thanks to Tomas, Zdenko and “Satan”. Heil Satan!

- did you know Troublemaker Gemer before? What do you think about this organisation? Eppu:First time we heard of the group was when we saw the gig flyer of our gig in Slovakia. People behind the group are top lads and like I said before, organising of the gig was really good! I’ve understand that you also have other kind of activities than just music, like sporting events etc. Nationalistic organisations or groups are too often all about music, and I think its good to have other kind of stuff.

- how does it look in Finland regarding NS movement and band wise? We know there is quite strong 28 Brotherhoods. Are there any other organisations? Eppu: In last few years we have seen new rise of the musical resistance, with lots of new bands, more concerts than before, and now for the first time ever also a two days festival called Nordic Summer Fest organised by 28, wich has been organisen now for two times. We have played there both times. This summer there was also two guys from the TGM, but i dont think they remember anything from the weekend, haha. 28 also has club houses around Finland, and its activities is on the rise after few years of less activity.What comes to the political NS movement, there is only one good organisation, Suomen Vastarintaliike (Finnish Resistance Movement). It is pretty young movement, about five years old, but it has done more for the Finnish national socialism than any other group or organisation since second world war. Resistance Movements activities consist spreading propaganda with stickers, flyers, banderols etc, demonstrations, martial arts training, trips in the forest, etc. Same movement is also in Sweden, Norway and in Denmark. If you want to see its website, go to www.patriootti.com. If you want to see videos of the movements activism, go to youtube and write Suomen Vastarintaliike.

- almost every West Countries are flooded by emigrants from 3rd countries, mostly niggers, muslims etc. Is this happening in Finland too? Eppu: Like allmost every other white country, also we have opened the borders to everyone. In finland there is pretty good social welfare system, so lazy niggers can have a good time in here because they dont have to work for living, and we all know that they dont even want to work. There is starting to born our first official immigrant ghettos you can see most of the bigger european cities. You know the places where a white man cant go whitout getting his arse kicked by those 3rd world bastards, who dont respect the hand that feeds them. Lets just see how it goes in the future, but if it goes like in every other place, we will see race riots, no-go-zones, black street gangs, gang rapes, robs, murders and all that kind of shit. Black people dont belong in a civilized western countries and even a blind people can see that, but still the elite wants to destroy our lands.

- is there in Finland any Nationalist political party you support? Eppu: If you mean party politics, the answer is no. Party politics is all about compromises, corruption, lies and stuff like that, and thats not gonna change. But we do support the movement i mentioned earlier, Suomen Vastarintaliike. It is a national socialist, non-parlamentary, it does not make any compromises and it works on the streets where the normal people are. Some of us are members of the movement.

- do you planning any new CD or other project in near future? Eppu: Like i said before, we had a discussion with a pretty big label who wants to release our album. If everything goes like planned, our first full lenght will hit the streets in 2014. It will be worth waiting!

- we heard a rumour that on incoming CD of band Cirhoza 88 will feature your singer, along with other singers with different bands across the Europe. Is that true? Eppu: So far of what we have heard, yes. Looking forward making a CD with Cirhoza 88. It will be a blast!

- thank you for your time, any last words?
Eppu: Thank you Troublemaker Gemer for the interview! If you want to contact us, put an email to civicdutyhelsinki@hush.com. We dont have our own website, but latest news of our band can be found on our facebook-site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Civic-Duty/135734543202211?fref=ts


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